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The OSLib Home Page


This is the home page of OSLib, by Luca Abeni and Gerardo Lamastra. If are wondering what OSLib is, look at our ``overview'' page.

What's New: Since I was not able to keep the site updated, I removed the ``News'' section.

Some quick links (please use the menu on the left for browsing the site):

  • The SourceForge project info page. Go there for news, dowloads, bug reports, and so on...
  • A preliminary version of the OSLib Manual it is not up-to-date; don't rely too much on it...
  • The CVS repository is on sourceforge. An anonymous read-only access to the OSLib sources is provided.
  • If you need an emulator for testing your OSLib-based programs, use BOCHS. OSLib has been tested under BOCHS, and all the provided examples work well. There have been reports that OSLib examples do not work on other PC emulators that do not correctly emulate the PIT.