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OSLib Distribution

The CVS Repository

The development code is now stored in the SourceForge CVS repository. Developers can check it out and commit changes using their SourceForge account, while non developers can use the anonymous CVS (read-only access)to check the code out.

The Snapshots

When we have time (hey, we are PhD students, and we have a lot of things to do!!!), we generate a snapshot, marked as ll-yymmdd.zip|tgz, where yy are the last two digits of the year, mm is the month, and dd is the day in which the snapshot is generated. These snapshots are probably stable, but are not officially released, so their documentation can be outdated, and changes between them are not documented. Use them at your own risk!!!

The Releases

When we consider a snapshot stable enough, we mark it as an official release (we have not decided a release numeration strategy yet). Releases are (hopefully) well documented, and a changelog describes all the differences between a release and the preceding one.

The Download Page

From the download page, you can download the most recent release and the most recent snapshot. As said above, generally a snapshot is more recent, while a release is more stable and well documented.