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First Release Available!!!

After too much time, we finally have a 0.1 OSLib release!!! The code is quite stable, and only few things still have to be worked out, and we also have a preliminary documentation.

Latest Release

The first release is finally out!!! It is still a 0.1 release, but it already provides 90% of the planned functionalities.

No known bugs are present in the code; if you find one, let us know :) Or, better, write to the mailing list!!!

Latest Snapshot

Due to lack of time, we decided to generate a first snapshot (dated 31 May 2000) before generating the first stable release. The functionalities provided by this snapshot are essentially the same that the first public release will offer, but the documentation (in the oslib/docs directory) is outdated and it is not complete. Also, part of the code can be not-so-well commented.

Moreover, the 31May snapshot compile under Linux, and under DOS with DJGPP V2, but has some problems with DJGPP V1 (an appropriate config.mk file has to be generated, and all the // comments have to be removed).

A new snapshot has been generated on 13 October 2000 (hey, it's Friday 13!!!). This will be the last snapshot before the first release. Now OSLib compiles under Linux and DOS with DJGPP V2 and V1. The only problem is that the documentation is far to be completed.