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OSLib Requirements

Host and Target

In order to compile and run OSLib programs, you need an host machine (for development) and a target machine (for running the OSLib programs). Note that the same computer can act as host and as target.

Host Requirements

Operating System (OS)
You can compile OSLib programs using some different host OS in theory, any OS supporting gcc can be used; in practice, we successfully compiled OSLib from Linux and from DOS (Win95/98/NT + Cygnus should also work, but it has not been tested).
The used compiler is gcc. You can use the gcc version that you prefer (we tested gcc 2.7.2 and 2.91 for Linux and DJGPP V1/V2 for MSDOS), the important thing is that the linker produces ELF or GNUCOFF binaries (in order to be MultiBoot compliant).
Other utilities
GNU Make

Target Requirements

The target have to be at least a PC based on Intel 80486 (or compatible) - SMP is not supported - with at least 4Mb of RAM. In order to load OSLib programs (MultiBoot compliant), the target must have GRUB installed, or it must run a real mode operating system (such as MSDOS or FreeDOS). If you intend to boot OSLib programs from DOS, you also have to download our DOS eXtender X.